something old, something new, and something holy; entry #8

hello, my angels ~

and happy new year! i hope 2021 is less of a shitshow than 2020 was for everyone because oh . . . my god.

i know last week i talked about my class schedule for the upcoming semester and now, i’ve got mine verified! i have two general educations classes (spanish and math) and three english classes: studies in oscar wilde, a depth class on john milton, and life writing (a class that focuses on autobiographies, biographies, and autoethenographies)! all of my classes are online but i’m excited for them all the same!

as an apartment update, i go back next week to finish moving in, decorate, etc.! in preparation for that, i’ve been going through the clothes i had at my mom’s house and making my own cookbook composed of family recipes! i learned to cook and bake from my grandmother when i was really young. Her and my mother have family cookbooks and since i have my own place now, it was about time i made my own!

recently, i’ve also been to the used bookstore near my grandparent’s house twice! it’s such a lovely spot and i’ve gathered such great finds from there. i’m planning on making another blog post of the books i got, but that will have to wait until i’m at my new place because . . . i just packed those books.


โ€œHow soft and gentle her name sounds when I whisper it. It lingers on the tongue, insidious and slow, almost like poison, which is apt indeed. It passes from the tongue to the parched lips, and from the lips back to the heart. And the heart controls the body and the mind also. Shall I be free of it one day? In forty, in fifty years? Or will some lingering trace of matter in the brain stay pallid and diseased? Some minuscule cell in the blood stream fail to race with its fellows to the fountain hearts. Perhaps, when all is said and done. I shall have no wish to be free. As yet, I cannot tell.โ€

Philip Ashley, page 012 (My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier)

i’m in the middle of a lot of books this month, but i’ve only actually finished one . . .

but that one was the devil all the time by donald ray pollock. i bought this used as actually a gift for a friend of mine! since the movie came out a few months ago, he’s been dying to read the book but hasn’t been able to find a used copy so i bought it, read it, annotated it, and will be giving him that as a gift!

now, here are the books that i’ve been in the middle of this month:

  1. IT by stephen king
    • i’m currently 627 pages into IT and i swear, this book is going to kill me — it’s so dense
    • i’m actually buddy reading this book with a friend of mine from my sci-fi class last semester! talking with her about this book has been such a joy — she brings such amazing insights to the story and it’s been a great time
  2. nausea by jean-paul sartre
    • this was one of my finds at the local bookstore! when i picked this up, it looked so familiar and i remembered that it was something i really wanted to read! i’m currently 114 pages into it (so about halfway) and it’s . . . enjoyable is definitely the wrong word because it’s one of the main books of Existentialist literature and i feel like i’m having a crisis between every reading session, but i’m very into it so far. i take a break in-between reading sessions, hence why it’s taking so long for me to read it, because it is definitely a heavy hitter . . . quite often.
  3. my cousin rachel by daphne de maurier
    • this is also another buddy read! this time, i’m buddy reading this book with allie (@alliereads)! this was sparked because, once again, while i was at the bookstore, i found a beautiful copy of this book and i remembered that allie was planning on reading it soon! so, i bought it and after showing her my finds, we decided to buddy read it
    • honestly, she’s already finished the book and i’m only on page 166 but i’m working on it, okay :<
  4. the invisible life of addie larue by v. e. schwab
    • this. book.
    • i’m only on page 98, but i’m really enjoying this one so far! i definitely think it’ll be one of my favorites of 2021
    • you guys know i’m crazy about quotes and i already have so many marked in my copy, i can’t wait to keep reading it!

“I’m more interested in the soul of the language than its politics.”

Jon Shovron (Summer Days and Summer Nights: An Anthology)

now for a d&d update!

i’ve been planning out a lot of overall Hell information this past month which is going to be very helpful in future planning and in the inevitable lore dumps i will be doing. my main two focuses were describing what each layer looks like/how to travel between them and who resides in each layer/their punishment, which i finished up!

i’m really excited to start playing with my friends again, guys ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

โ€œA halo can be a lovely thing, providing you can take it off now and again and become human.โ€

Rachel Ashley, page 113 (My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier)

current playlist ~

single // the neighbourhood
stargazing // the neighbourhood
brown // kyle dion
slow down // chase atlantic
killer // phoebe bridgers
love me dead // ludo

current podcasts ~

the magnus archives: GUYS. I DID IT. I CAUGHT UP. there’s only . . . 11 (?) episodes left so i really caught up just in time and i cannot wait to cry throughout all the remaining episodes!

not another d&d podcast: campaign two has officially kicked off and i’m already in love with it, highly recommend.

old gods of appalachia: this is a horror podcast that takes place in old appalachia and it’s truly been bringing me so much . . . joy? that’s probably not the best word but it’s very creepy, very atmospheric, and has lovely and enchanting songs so, once again, highly recommend.

what i’ve been watching ~

pretty much the only new thing i’ve been watching recently is dimension 20: the unsleeping city, season 2! i’m actually watching the newest episode right now :))). i’m really loving seeing all of these familiar characters again and witnessing their growth, but also getting to meet iga and cody and taking in their shenanigans and watching their own growth!

โ€œI am no traveller; you are my world.โ€

Philip Ashley, page 310 (My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier)

that’s all i have right now, angels ~

i’ll talk to you guys soon and until then, don’t miss me too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

~ ash

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