backgrounds, buddy reads, and better days; entry #6

hello, my angels ~

i’m sorry i’ve been absent for so long. first, i got really busy with school and then once university started to calm down, i had a family emergency a couple weeks ago that kind of . . . put me out of commission for a bit.

and since it’s been so long, a pretty good amount of things have happened so this entry is going to be the first part of 2, i think. in this one, i’ll talk about some stuff from the past couple of weeks and then in the next one, i’ll talk about shit from this week. i’m doing this because if i don’t, this post is going to be . . . so long.

so, to talk about the past few weeks — i kind of don’t want to. i don’t really want to think about it anymore than i already have to so instead of talking about the sad stuff, let’s talk about how i’ve been recovering.

i had a few days where i didn’t do much save for laying in bed but honestly, sometimes we need days like those and i definitely did. besides that, the things i’m going to be talking about for the rest of this post are some of the activities or media that made me feel a lot better.

so,,, let’s go.

“Take me back. Make me into someone who has never been done harm. Go as far as you can. Make me brand-new. No bruises. No scars.”

Galaxy “Alex” Stern, page 313 (Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo)

first off, a few weeks ago, allie and i finally have talked about our final thoughts on where dreams descend! funnily enough, we both had very similar points ~

  1. kallia was an absolute icon (and so were all the women at the circus!)
  2. demarco was okay but he felt a little basic — his dynamic with kallia was A+ though!
  3. for us, the worldbuilding lacked the most — allie and i both wished there was more on the four families and the cities and this magic secret society thingy and the forest (all i want is to know more about that freaking Forest). This world was so interesting and we just wish there was more information and development of it!
  4. the ending was real good
  5. aaros was the best boy
  6. the writing was gorgeous
  7. we’re both hoping that the 2nd book has more worldbuilding and more timely answers! it felt like this book really dragged out the disappearances and the overall mystery but maybe we’ll find out why in the second book!

next up, i finished ninth house (again) and shockingly (not), it’s still beautiful, wonderful, and means so much to me! now, i’m just waiting for my friend to finish it and to hear her thoughts!

i also finished another buddy read! chanelle (@chanelletime) and i buddy read radio silence by alice oseman. this arose because i really wanted to read it and it’s one of chanelle’s favorites so . . . truly there was no choice but to read it with her. and i’m happy to say — i really enjoyed it! i had a few pet-peeves regarding the writing but the story itself and the characters were wonderful ~

and just last night, i finished horrid by katrina leno! and holy shit, i loved this so much — much more than i was expecting to honestly. my relationship with horror books and thrillers is a bit complicated. they’re some of my favorites to read, but i seldom rate them really high due to some reason or another. but this one i actually gave 4.5/5 stars and loved a whole heck of a lot! i thought the ending was perfect for the story, the entire Agatha Christie sub-plot was so interesting and fit really well, and the inclusion of eating . . . certain things (you’ll get it if you’ve read it) was so creepy and unique.

“And I wonder, does anybody feel the same way I do?” “And is evil just something you are or something you do?”

Oculus Dawes and Galaxy “Alex” Stern, page 184 (Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo)

for a d&d update, i bought the d&d essentials kit because 1) it was on sale, 2) it has pre-made adventures which i’ve been looking for to start off a campaign, and 3) those pre-made adventures are taking place in the area around where i want that campaign to start off and it includes a map and other cool stuff so i thought it’d be a good investment.

and it was! it actually made me start writing for this campaign again and gave me a lot of ideas for some character backstories and motivations. for this campaign, we’re starting off in neverwinter wood, then heading to phandilan, then down to waterdeep, and eventually, setting out on the sea of swords! (but don’t tell my players that)

speaking of backstories, i have 2.3/3 backstories from my players and i should be finishing them off sometime soon. so far, we have a drow bard who lives in the woods, was raised by gnomes, and can’t remember,,,, pretty much anything before the age of 10-ish, a half-orc barbarian who avoids society and holds a grudge against dragonborns (because childhood trauma), and the beginning talks of a sneaky and stinky dragonborn who wants to kill dragons!

so basically — this is going to be interesting.

“I wish I could be as subtle and beautiful. All I know how to do is scream.”

Carys Last, page 416 (Radio Silence by Alice Oseman)

current playlist ~

jessie's girl // rick springfield
black velvet // alannah myles
house with no mirrors // sasha sloan 

. . . i think i’m going to save my current podcasts and what i’ve been watching for the second part of this entry.

so. whoops.

“Beyond life, beyond death, my love for thee is eternal.”

Kerri Maniscalco, page 452 (Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco)

i’m sorry for the lack of pictures in this post . . . and i guess the all around lack of normalcy of it.

hopefully the second part of this post will feel more normal but alas.

i hope you all are doing well.

and until next time, don’t miss me too much 😉

ash ~

2 thoughts on “backgrounds, buddy reads, and better days; entry #6

  1. Ah, i’m happy you loved radio silence.. as it’s one I really liked too!

    I’m so sorry that this past while has been hard for you, but hopefully you’re recovering well from it ❤️ much love sent your way!

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